Mary's Clean Team

Mary's Clean Team is a professional cleaning company with over 5 years of cleaning experience in the Madison, Wisconsin area, suburbs, and beyond.

We understand that these days is busy, and that is okay to request cleaning assistance to get important tasks done, go out with family or friends, or attend other commitments. That is why we provide cleaning for you, at a flexible time, and an affordable rate that will take care of your house cleaning so you have the time you need to stay productive.


Home and Offices

Your house is a place to unwind and gather with your family to share special moments. Let us help you maintain your house clean so you have more great times with you and your loved ones.

Inclusive Services

We offer special rates for individuals with disabilities, senior citizens, and veterans. We are committed to our community and we honor special rates for those who are important members of our society.

Life Events

Celebrate life, and call us right after so we can clean up after you. We are fully equipped to clean any space regardless of the mess. We can also help clean up after moving out/in and emergenicy clean ups.

Taking Care of Your House and Your Loved Ones

So you think we'll clean your house and leave just like that? We offer tips on how to maintain a clean house, answer your cleaning questions, provide assessment on which products are best for you, your health, and your house. We also provide another special discount for recurring clients.